Hello world!

I suppose among the thousands of daily visitors to the Field’s museum in Chicago, the most common reaction is probably mild surprise or general ambivalence.  However, last year as a committed Old Earth Creationist, I encountered the first evidence of human evolution that compelled me: a display of dozens of stone axe heads carefully laid out in chronological order.  It was clear that the shape of each stone had to be independent of the dating method.  And yet the tools were arranged from the most primitive to the most sophisticated.

The next few months found me deeply engaged in the evolution/creationism controversy, discovering biologos, answers in genesis, pharyngula, and reading up on all the biology that I had deliberately ignored.

Thus began my journey out of the lifelong pentecostal/evangelical faith in which I had been brought up into…well I don’t know what yet but I’m attending an episcopal church in Champaign.

And I thought, instead of constantly talking to myself, by myself, in my apartment, why not put all of these musings into a blog?  It would be a shame if the vast collective of disparate facts and hodgepodge analysis in my brain never had the chance to never be read online.  So here we are. 🙂  Hopefully something interesting will come of it.